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Welcome back dear reader, today I will tell you about that time when young M. went to Germany for the first time, to girls. It was a nice and cheerful group and the vacation lasted a week in the center of Germany. At the time, we thought about drinking and pussy obviously, a bit like today, 15 years later ….. Germany offered very nice girls, the biggest part of them blondes, all with great body, an interesting ass, and developed tits ..

Over the years we can see a clear deterioration .. they will be frankfurters or beer, but most will buy kg previously unknown. However, he enjoyed himself, and M. had already framed the first one available to fuck on the first day of arrival. She was a beautiful blonde girl, with all measures in the right place, and the first desire to deepen her knowledge took place outdoors, just for a change ..

M. Wicked fine real summer fucked her on a very special occasion. The first day of menstruation! He didn’t spare himself on the positions … 69, his favorite, missionary, doggystyle … ending up with an intense and deep blowjob, not before making her squirt more than once. Once he heard the news, he was greeted as a hero by all his friends, who celebrated with beers and other drinks in his honor.

Great were the drinks and the after-effects, the following mornings, did not preclude anything. At that time it was strangely easy to get drunk, get fucked, drink to celebrate sex, and the next day wake up with little drunkenness. Yet the quantities were not irrelevant. As time went on, things changed, even the drunkenness changed, and it took first, one morning to recover, then one day …. now we are two days .. Based on a true story….

Date: Maggio 3, 2019
Actors: Sydney Cole