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Hello dear friend, and welcome back to the fantastic world of Richard Scarry, no, of the legendary destroyer, of the chef smashes asses M :! One of his amazing and mysterious first adventures, was with a Hungarian girl named Orshii.

She and her bitch friend Linda worked at the “Barche”, a 5-star hotel built with loot from the second world war to local families. However, these two funny Hungarian whores, they worked as waitresses in the hotel of course, and during the lunch break they came out of the nightmare to relate to some boy in the nearby park.

At that time, the “best”, with the beginning of summer and therefore, after school, worked seasonally at the pizzeria of a nearby town, and in the hours of break he had fun with his friends in the park of the village .. . It was there that one night he met the two Hungarian whores.

One had long dark hair, nice ass, while the other had short hair and nice tits. Along with M, there was also another local boy, called “the man of steel”, who spied on the girl with long hair, becoming his girlfriend for that time; in the meantime M. tried and managed to fuck the other Hungarian whore.

During the day for a couple of hours, the two whores went out and found themselves socializing, while our hero M. worked like a mule in a pizzeria. One day, poor Orshii burst into tears at the hand work she had done the night before at M., it took almost two hours to comfort her, and when we finally succeeded, Real Stepsister fucked I arrived at M. who raised my arm from a distance and hand as a sign of victory, shouting in amusement: “He did a hand job for me, he did a hand job for me !!” The other one burst out crying again, and finally gave our chef’s ass for a last and incredible night.

Date: Maggio 3, 2019