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Good morning! Today we talk a little about the summer and work-time parenthesis that happened before the seasons at the beach. The habit of the best to break your back already when young is a constant, like the desire for pussy. We recall the experience of a pizzeria lasting 3 months, and 3 were his prey.

The boss’s sister, a very interesting blonde whore don big tits, weekend maid, fellow countryman, and pretty pussy. A pseudostoria had with the first, and the friendship with the boss called “tested” because he liked very much to use his head .. to use it as a weapon towards that of another person. This time he had found bread for his teeth, finding in M. a worthy adversary. M. was big, big and with nerve, and he didn’t fear anything or anyone …

I think. Comuntue found herself also fucking the maid in bags of flour in the pizzeria’s warehouse. He liked it very much, it didn’t seem the same to him, in fact they decided to try again in his bed. It was a week that his parents had been on vacation, real Multiple Orgasms and so an empty house means easy fucking! Unfortunately the last fuck was discovered by the parents who arrived a couple of hours earlier than the scheduled time and found M. having it with her in the double bed.

To this vision the enthusiastic and incredulous mother exclaimed: “Papi, look at your son who fucks!” His father was pleased but at the same time a little annoyed because soon he would have to reopen the bar and resume work. Big drinks saw those tables, and those walls. Unfortunately that bar so ancient, was taken over by two whores who changed it completely and ended up in management of two Romanian whores, destroying all the old glory that hung in the air … but this is another story ..

Date: Maggio 3, 2019