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Real amateur Teens Love play hardcore with a very big cock Hola ?! This story wants to be a prequel to the usual incredible adventures of M. Tales of the pre-institute period, or rather, of the working summer at an early age, 12 years? about.

Real amateur Teens Love he worked and lived in the nice restaurant up in the mountains, three months of hard work to do with the mentor, a rude and alcoholic man who ran the restaurant. woody meat were the most prelibale dishes ….. sometimes deer … sometimes cows …. sometimes pheasants …. sometimes bears, and sometimes dogs ….. sometimes people! It happened. Believe me, or ask Sant, dear old friend of squola, an omnipresent eyewitness. Real amateur Teens Love The summer passed calmly, but it lasted. enjoyed getting into trouble, or seeing them combine from manager Luigi.

At the end of the season, for example, he used to finish all the alcohol that was there, and set the whole room on fire to celebrate the closure. More than once M. and Luigi’s wife had to run after the latter’s madness … but it was part of the game. Meanwhile, M. found a relative of the manager, perhaps his niece, with whom he experimented sex for the first time in a barn. Doggystyle, missionary, hardcoresex for our hero’s first fuck.

However “the best” was present at the misunderstanding with two foresters, who had a nice but unbearable dog. Luigi could not bear the constant barking of the animal, Real amateur Teens Love so he decided to serve it to the foresters, passing him off as a lamb. The two fools ate and left gladly …

This is just one of the incredible stories about the “Best” legend. His journey continues with new and exciting adventures and the usual sea of ​​pussy. “here we go!..” hello men…..

Based on a true story….

Date: Giugno 25, 2019