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Well, do you remember how the adventure with the hotel client bitch ended up? Well, at the best, his girlfriend arrived and … I’m running a little too much.

That day M. was working like a mule, as usual, when he heard a lot of clamor from his fellow penguins, er waiters, when they saw a stunning blonde talking in the hotel lobby. Real amateur Anya love he was signing and negotiating a room, they thought, and in fact he took his suitcase, and headed for the fourth floor elevator. Real amateur Anya love fuck hard on the bed by a big cock the slut was really interesting as she had big tits and just as much ass.

M.’s colleagues immediately began to gossip about who he was and if she had been alone in staying at the hotel, M. had no time for these bullshit, she wanted and had to finish cooking for the evening that was very hard. During dinner, the blonde bitch ordered fish to eat and potatoes, dessert, side dish, buffet, coffee, in short, everything.

He ordered various dishes to the room, which unnerved, vented with M. who was cooking fast and hard. M. went to the back door to see who the fuck was this whore who kept ordering, and he saw a blonde pussy. He didn’t think twice about it, he went directly to meet her, posing as the first chef, real amateur Anya love hardcore on the bed and he received the compliments and an invitation to his room once he finished the kitchen schedule. At midnight M. took the elevator to the fourth floor, room 432 had told her ….

He knocked and found the blonde bitch in bra and black panties, which she was waiting for. It was not more than two seconds that our hero had already unbuttoned his shirt and trousers, he had pulled it out immediately to put it in the blonde’s mouth, which he appreciated. The two gave us in for a good hour, starting off with a great sucking blowjob, then moving on to 69, doggystyle, and a missionary … to end up with a pretty good blowjob … It was one o’clock, and M. had only one thing on his mind … going dancing and getting drunk like every night, but ….. but this is another story … taken from a true story ….  

Date: Giugno 25, 2019