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Good morning my friend! Are you ready for a new adventure with M?!? weell At that time “the best” was still attending the school for cooks, he was in his fourth year of school, and he knew that unfortunately he would be the last, as he found another place much closer but without accommodation.

It was a beautiful last year at the Dolomites institute, surrounded by an unusual number of pussy that our hero attracted every week. Seriously to the comrades, jokes to the instructor, as usual drunk …. in short, a lot of fun in all the sauces. It happened that towards the last period M. had a fierce fuck with a huge pussy, blonde, with normal tits and a desire equal only to that of the “best”.

They consumed at night in her room, where in the meantime the roommates had been kindly asked to go outside and leave free space for M. After two intense hours with the blonde girl, she lit a cigarette to contemplate the satisfaction of having her ass opened for the first time! And to also reflect on the fact that the good days at the institute would have ended soon afterwards .. One fine day, M. was quietly eating the same old shit with his classmates, when one of them unexpectedly stood up and started talking …

“What the fuck is this?!?!” our hero asked himself, and here the guy begins to poetically proclaim the “best” farewell. At the end of the speech all the 379 people stood up to greet M., Please fuck me who a little excited returned his greeting, and began signing autographs for the girls present, who also wanted a kiss on the cheek. Others began to undress and give him a bra, while others burst into tears, including Michelle, who was crying in a corner of the cafeteria, thinking perhaps of that famous evening …… Based on a true story….

Date: Maggio 3, 2019
Actors: Miss Banana