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Dear readers, today I want to tell you about that time that M. created a sea of ​​coolness. It was the time of seasonal jobs, no longer in a pizzeria, close to home, the level had never risen.

Hot College teen gets fucked ass it was the last test, the farewell gift, or rather bye of the Dolomite institute for the whole summer: Bibion ​​season! 4 months of incessant and destructive work for 36 hours a day 8 days a week, a free day in three months …. but it goes well … Those in the hotel were violent rhythms. In the hotel kitchen, but it was also another life, to be enjoyed only on vacation.

Hot College teen gets fucked ass , For a few days. M. works hard and fucks hard. the amount of pussy corresponded to the size and degree of intensity of the working day: much and still much. In the evening M. wanted to go out with the hotel colleagues, cooks, bartenders, in short, those who were young. For cool, fun and alcohol-filled evenings.

I find a beautiful girl one evening and fucked her properly in the bathrooms of the Desider. Hot College teen Hot College teen The local disco pub. The last destination before going to bed. And wake up, us 7 hours later. He 2 hours later. because It was hard. It was really hard for our young cook, but he didn’t give a shot. only after 3 weeks of work do I show the first signs of abating. he only needed one day to get back into strength and resume fucking everywhere.

Hot College teen a true force of nature. created to work hard and fuck hard. The TLDM. Because everything was proceeding on this wave. Not bad all over. Until a bad day. It turned out that the horrible maid had given M. her ass and he had fallen in love with her.

It was love at first fuck. She beautiful body, but unwatchable. Him to go go! “. He calmed down a bit for a couple of years, crossing by train … trips to Venice …. All together with other bizarre adventures … but this is another stranglehold. ..

Date: Giugno 25, 2019
Actors: Danika Mori