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Hello, today I will tell you about that new trio, two whores and M. to fuck in an isolated place, London from the city and from its daily tram tram; out of the usual routine. M. decided that it was necessary to punish that whore, and so he dissolved two.

The two lucky ones turned positive to the swallow test. M. used to ask all the girls before fucking, a very personal question, but inherent to the purpose: “do you swallow?” Some boys did not enjoy these pastimes, so our hero instantly rejected them. He didn’t want to waste time with second-order whores. He opted for two big-titted whores and a super-ass.

He didn’t disdain to fuck them clearly in the ass, managing to satisfy them inside. In the end, like a script, a nice swallow! And fuck you both. Once the work was finished, cute british girl M. had no more time for this bullshit … He had to and wanted to go back immediately to the kitchen where there would be about 60 kg of clams waiting for him, 80 kg of fish to take care of, and twenty bags of potatoes to be peeled. 20kg x 5 bags = 100 kg of potatoes to be peeled. Immediately a cigarette to concentrate on the arduous enterprise, and then seriously to give us inside! Well every time he succeeded in the miracle. The ability to create tasty and fatty dishes was a peculiarity to which M. gave full vent.

The days followed with this routine: pussy to fuck at 2.00 pm, and at 16.00 already head to the kitchen, to prepare what better could not have been hoped for in that place …. a bit forgotten by God. But it seems that there was everything necessary to have a good time. In fact, the weekend did not include what was on the menu during the week, but other fun, more focused on friendships.

Always pleasant and fun. Waiting for the summer …. Here the scenery began a bit like a changing table, even though there was always work as an MCD … but this is another story … Taken from a true story ..

Date: Maggio 3, 2019
Actors: Ava Dalush