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Hello man, how are we going? This time I want to tell you about a couple of nice seaside adventures, where clearly, the pussy, this Troglo case, so called the girl, because she, a huge pussy with an ass designed by Giotto himself, showed up to us in costume leopard, in other words troglodyte Best girlfriend ever gets. From here Troglo!

Tall, blonde, with two big beautiful tits and that ass that speaks a language of her own. M. had already bet, indeed it was she who had bet him, but in that time, the “milgiore” was with a very ugly girl … poor thing … a great physique, but nothing more. Troglo was a sexy soubrette in a fat context to make a comparison.

That was how he managed to fuck her secretly in a deckchair under the umbrella at night … unbeknownst to his girlfriend clearly. It was unbelievable when he declared himself totally in love with his girlfriend and that Troglo could go to fuck off. He had a very rare specimen of super pussy with tits on his hands. Few had so many, and even fewer could boast of 17 years of age having both an ass so well made, and beautiful tits.

Even the mother of this girl was decidedly affable. It was clear that they were relatives …. perhaps they seemed more sisters initially .. higher and younger … then M. revealed to us that the biggest bitch was the mother. The city center looked like a playground for tourists … with all those lights and clubs …

We were in toy lands. The amount of pussy that was breathed was such that it no longer needed it for the coming year. Troglo was the queen of this Harem. Slutty lady. We kept in touch for some time, but then we lost the numbers, the roads parted, time took its course and we lost ourselves. The last times to the sea were totally and obviously different, and after the classic sight on the waves, the eye falls on an umbrella on the beach …. that of Troglo, which for years now no longer comes … but which will remain for all of us, the biggest slut of beach holidays. Based on a true story…  

Date: Maggio 3, 2019
Actors: Kimber Lee