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Hi boy, today I want to tell you about the time that our hero met S. his girlfriend, for the first time ….. If you believe that romance exists in this short story, don’t keep reading. M. had started working as a chef in the cunia of the prestigious Hotel eden in the seaside resort a few months ago. He was at his most powerful in that distant time, and he was ready to fuck whatever he had in his hand. Amateur Very Young Teen one fine day conomme S., the waitress of the Hotel, who looked at him eagerly, but timidly.

M. had no time to waste on certain crap, he knew the place was full of girl, and he wouldn’t have struggled to fuck some of them. When one fine day, his friend and alcoholic S, a funny guy, introduced him to the maid, who was immediately shy, but M. took her hand and put it between her legs … in that the maid came. He had never known a beast like that, and I mean that even the size of it bore unbridled cravings. M. didn’t give her too much attention, and went with her friend S. to drink in some place, and maybe to look for a couple of girls for the evening, maybe lesbians …. S. had a good nose for lesbian sluts, so much so that he managed to fuck two of them in the hotel room.

M. in the meantime, had gone to visit the chamber, which did not frequent the locals, as it was timid, unpleasant, and pale. Then M. decided that something had to be done to wake her up from that dullness. She knocked on the door, and when she opened, I immediately think of when he had put his hand between her legs, and blushed.

M., strangely, he didn’t fuck her right away, he let 30 seconds pass … and then he stuffed it all into his mouth. She, who was not of the trade, almost suffocated herself, but then began to like her, and they passed on to successive positions, including M.’s favorite doggystyle …. and while orgasm was coming, someone knocked on the door that interrupted everything. M. got very angry, but ….. but this is another story .. Based on a true story…  

Date: Giugno 25, 2019
Actors: Zanna Tilda