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Well! Nice to see you again! Today I will tell of that time when our favorite cook, still in his youth, walks a mountain path for three days with his friends. All this happened but not before having chastised a slutty friend of his who had visited him at home.

M. loved to tell of his legendary sexes, with huge pussies, more or less at regular intervals, one at the minimum week. He came to a school friend of his who seduced and fucked in the school bathrooms. From behind, of course, Amateur College teen the “Best” favorite position, and final blowjob with swallow! Sto bitch was a young sexy student from her school. After that intense first time he asked for more, but M. didn’t have time for those shit. He wanted to spend three days in the mountains with his friends, and fuck the girls! So it was that one day we all set off on forest paths.

During the journey M. did not disdain to show us that the toads smoke … not without some consequences … some tragic cosueguenza … Not only that, but also the frogs had to smoke … they were given a cigarette to light and stuck in their mouths, and they smoke happily, but they didn’t explode like the toads do.

So it was that M. decided that the game was good if it did not last long, so he inserted a firecracker in the ass of the frog, and left it free …. clearly not the first god to have lit the fuse ….. a paw on one side, the head on the other … I know … broken frogs everywhere, stones thrown to tadpoles, and many other funny shit …. ah yes! I forgot a slap given open hand on a cow. Obviously as if nothing had happened …. Based on a true story…  

Date: Maggio 3, 2019