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Hello dear friend! Today, I want to tell you about an incredible adventure of our chef M. struggling with his new girlfriend S. S. had known her at sea during the working season at the Eden Hotel, while celebrating, or rather working with a mule in the kitchen as a chef. The hotel kitchen was a team made up of chefs, assistant chefs, head of department, various helpers, waiters and dishwashers.

M. had started as a dishwasher … but at the age of 9, up in the mountains, now close to 18, he was a chef assistant. In the kitchen, apart from the perennial asphyxiating 50 degrees, there was a solid hierarchical nucleus: M. was not the boss, but he was close in some way and could thus escape from jokes and so on …

He was the victim of a joke once, perhaps because at the beginning of the season and therefore just arrived: during lunch preparations, the head chef suddenly shouted: “shooting!”, amateur cute lover fucks and immediately all hid, except the naive and silly M, who, turning to the chef with a surprised air, wondered what the fuck was going on …. In an instant, someone threw a handful of coarse salt on the hot plate at 300 degrees ….. You should know, dear readers, that the effect of salt in contact with the hot plate results in gunpowder on a brazier …

The naive M. did not realize the danger and the curses were of little use when a grain of coarse salt ended up in M.’s ass by piercing jeans, and underpants …. In addition to these bullshit, the “Migliore” working day consisted of discovering his girlfriend in every part of the Hotel … clearly hidden, without the owner’s knowledge.

S, his girlfriend, was cute-looking, and with incredible physique. The ass spoke and she was silent, also because initially it proved very nasty. Apart from this mole, great fuckings in various positions, and in various incredible places … elevator, kitchen, hall, hotel roof …. in short, everywhere, until orgasm … One day the owner surprised M. while fucking with S. during working hours, but …… but that’s another story. Based on a true story…  

Date: Giugno 25, 2019
Actors: Sheri Vi