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Amateur Blonde play hardcore with her boyfriend on the bed Many stories and legends have been told about the TLDM. Some true, some false, others unlikely, but all lead back to a common thread.

Amateur Blonde play hardcore on the bed the premise, which does not mean anything in reality, brings to mind that time with Clio! Clio was such a nice classmate that we sometimes got fucked in the train bathroom. He used to give himself to all the most presentable. But one day, M., fell in love. Amateur Blonde play Loren’s name was. She was a few years older, and was considered one of the best in the institute. obviously.

Well, our hero, here he allowed himself to be driven by something, and he didn’t punish her as usual. An intense relationship clearly lasted right, with great phatos. But there was also a nice anecdote here. One evening the two decided to fuck, filming amateursly.

Great was the fuck between the two lovers, and the recorded VHS footage mysteriously ended up in the hands of Boril, the instigator, as usual drunk rotten, who seized it, threatening the suspension in exchange for bottles of wine. M. bought his silence. Not only. He saw him watching and masturbating in front of his own porn! It was this anecdote, someone says, that caused the two to separate. Sadly, M. made a reason for it, it took him about …. one day.

Amateur Blonde play The routine began again, to fuck girls from here and there, and to party with friends. He still didn’t know what fantastic and incredible adventures awaited him. Many still ask me today if this is really happening, and I always answer like this: “he’s a fucking TLDM!” Once he went with the bosses to jesolo to party.

The bosses were all 5 years older than he and had a driver’s license. M. wanted to find some stuff but didn’t notice that the others had all disintegrated after the party. And it was getting late. There was no more time.

He had to go back to the institute on time, under penalty of penalties! he took the Mercedes with which they had arrived and took the crew home. Covering 90 km without a license at the age of 15. Taken from a true story …

Date: Giugno 25, 2019
Actors: Aline / Shorty Mac